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Melanie R. Cameron, Owner
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"Crowning Your Achievements"
with Words

You have words. I have the gifts and skills necessary to crown them with purpose and professionalism.

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Imagine a royal coronation ceremony with you and your company as the royalty being crowned. I, Renee de Burgh, play the role of the Archbishop of Canterbury, placing a crown of action-inducing words that make all your achievements glisten. My gift of crafting words suddenly attracts a cathedral full of your most favored clients who desire your products and services, who desire to build a business relationship to last a lifetime.

Words carry the power to attract if they work together as links on a chain.

My rates are based on $45 per hour. Larger projects are quoted based on your company's budgeting needs.

Review some of the testimonials of clients who have experienced my work. I invite you to fill out my contact form so that I may give you the customized version of what "crowning your achievements" means to your specific brand. 

Accolades and Testimonials

"Very professional and experienced writer. Highly recommended for
one-of-a-kind projects especially in higher education."

~ Civil Engineer, Boeing

"Renee was very professional with immediate communication that expressed true competence. She delivered just what I needed on time and for a reasonable price. I plan to hire her again in the future and highly recommend her."
~ Career Consultant, Owner

"She had well-informed opinions succinctly stated; she expressed
them accurately and concisely.
She provided me with invaluable assistance."

~ Author of a Nonfiction Novel

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