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"Crowning Your Achievements"
Speaking from the Heart

I now have a small gallery of speaking topics available and prepared for submission to your event. Please review the topics and fill out my contact form to let me know some details about your intended audience.Melanie R. Cameron delivering a talk at the Women's Wedding Network

Contact me by phone at 571-327-1855
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Weddings Topics

"Brides on a Dime" or "Smart Charity Partnerships"
Presented to the Women's Wedding Network on October 12, 2011

Ever gotten calls from brides whose budget makes you laugh? $100 for photography. $1100 for food and beverage for 100 people. We all get the calls or emails, and as wedding professionals, most of us don't even waste our time returning them.

Stop the dresses. As President of a Bridal Non-Profit helping brides on a budget of $3,000 or less, Melanie Cameron reveals the golden referrals brides on a dime have given to brides of gold. In this economy, Donald Trump and so many high-ball entrepreneurs have proven that giving back is the golden ticket.

Melanie Cameron will provide and guide you through a worksheet for savvy wedding vendors to blueprint a marketing model complete with how your individual business can contribute to or simply refer brides on a dime, can attract attention with two sample press releases, and can turn the bride on a dime into eye candy for brides of gold when they view your portfolio highlights.

"Date Night Workshop for Engaged Catholics"
Presented to Engaged couples in Northern Virginia in October, 2009

When couples make decisions together on the wedding planning details, they learn preferences, build trust, strengthen unity, and discover the consequences of decision-making before marriage. Melanie Cameron challenges engaged couples to embrace the dignity of the engaged period by putting the Sacrament of Matrimony over the stress of wedding planning.

Catholic Saints

St. Teresa of Avila
"Party Girl Gone Heavenly Mansions"
Presented to the Arlington Diocesan Council of Catholic Women on December 5, 2011
Presenting to the St. Leo the Great Parish Community on February 21, 2012

Parishioner Melanie Cameron reveals St. Teresa of Avila from the ground up. Grab your prayer journals and get set to probe into the unique challenges faced by this wonderful Doctor of the Church. By discovering and sharing in her unique challenges, we will then enter into each of these heavenly mansions with a description of its benefits and a formula for attaining it.

Topics of Interest to an Ecumenical Audience

"Driving God's Way: 10 Commandments for Drivers"

Author of the book Christ in Your Rearview Mirror, based on the 10 Commandments for Motorists proposed in a 2007 encyclical, Melanie Cameron calls drivers to evangelize through their driving in a talk for anyone 15 and older. Cars an occasion of sin? Driving = Communion with Others? Drive to protect the more vulnerable party? Bet you never considered the road as a means of spreading the gospel while you are driving. Check out these 10 Commandments for drivers who aim to get to heaven in the end.

"Courtship/Dating Years: Advancing the Dignity of Marriage WAY Beforehand"

Co-authors of Christ on Your Guest List, a wedding planner with a Catholic twist, Mark and Melanie Cameron share their own dating goals… to pursue a person with whom they would unite in the Sacrament of Matrimony. As many of our children reach the courting or dating years, our greatest gift to those seeking the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, is to give them every opportunity to grow in unity as they approach the only Sacrament in which lay persons bestow this eternal Grace simultaneously. The dynamic duo provides tools for sharing decision-making, preferences, and spiritual growth to parents of and to a couple within courtship/dating.

Speaker Rates:

I am happy to work with your budget and happily willing to discuss your audience and the needs of your community.

I am based in Fairfax, Virginia. For travel beyond 50 miles I would request the Government's per-mile gas reimbursement rate. For travel beyond 180 miles, I would like to assess the travel needs and work with you to make a decision about accommodations and travel arrangements.

Please fill out my contact form to let me know some details about your intended audience and which talk interests you. I am happy to prepare additional talks on similar or different topics. I need at least one month advanced notice to prepare a genuinely researched talk.

Contact me by phone at 571-327-1855
Contact me by email at

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